Sunday, April 9, 2017

Garden gate is finished (and a lamb update)

This garden gate was supposed to be a Christmas gift for James but instead I finished it on his birthday.  It's not that it took so long to make it.  It's just that I'd work on it a little and then quit until I got inspired again.  I had stalled for a long while and then a friend who likes junk and rusty stuff as much as I do came over and helped restart me.  Here's the finished gate.  At least I think it's finished.  We can't hang it until we put supports on the post it'll be hanging from.  It's a pretty heavy gate.
The frame of it is all steel.  The sunshine in the top left is a piece of rusty steel with a rusty funnel I cut and splayed and filled with marbles.  The wires on it were a hanging basket that I removed the rim from.  The butterflies on the top right are leftover roofing copper that I cut with an acetylene torch.  The whole lower half is made from copper and of course you can see the bed spring flower on the right.  The center of it is something I found on the garage shelf.  It looks like it covered a filter or something.
If you zoom in on the sunflower you'll see a fly made out of I spark plug.  I didn't make that.  A friend gave that to me as a gift years ago.

I haven't decided whether to clear coat some of it or not.  I won't clear coat the stuff I want to get rustier.  I learned a lot while making this.  I still have another gate to build.  I have no idea what I'm going to do yet.  Hopefully something will inspire me.  It will probably also be made out of rusty things and copper because, well, I like rusty things and copper.  It might be a problem.

Take this silly bird.  Who could resist welding broken hedge trimmers, a bike chain and lawn mower blades together?  I don't even know what that rusty piece is that forms the belly.  I found it in the garage.
You know your friends know you pretty well when they find an old washing machine in their field and text you to see if you want it.  Guess what I said.
I have no idea what I'll do with it.  It's a bit too bulky to make into a gate :)

I know some of you only read my blog to see cute animals so here's your dose of cuteness for the day.
When Bobby and Petey see me or James they think we should feed them.  This is their chorus.

I had a repair project to do today and they were a big help.  They weren't the least bit afraid of the noise from a circular saw, jigsaw or compressor.

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