Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A plug for some friends' blogs

Two of our friends are embarking on a new adventure and I'm envious.  Terry and Sharon are selling their houses and almost everything they have and going to Europe for a year.   I can only imagine all the interesting people they'll meet and all the good food they're going to eat, not to mention great wine.  They're both very funny, outgoing ladies and I know they'll come home (if they come back here at all) with loads of new friends.

James and I have talked about doing this kind of thing, maybe for 6 months or so, but would need to find a farm sitter for that time.  Maybe there's someone or someones who'd love to live here while we're gone.... Jon?  For the time being we'll just have to live through Terry and Sharon.  They've both started blogs and I hope they'll update them often.  They don't leave till the end of April but they've started getting ready.  If you'd like to follow along here are links to their blogs.

Terry's - A broad abroad
Sharon's - Where in the world is Sharon Daugherty?

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  1. What a nice thing for you to do. Hope I can live up to your expectations. Six days to go. Sharon