Sunday, April 21, 2013

Home grown cream of wheat

I have no idea why I didn't think of this sooner.   We eat lots of cream of wheat and James grows lots of wheat, so why was I buying it at the store?  I'm a slow learner, that's why.
We have at least 3 garden beds this size planted with wheat.  We use the wheat berries to make bread and wheat berry salad and I feed some of it in the grass form to the rabbits but it never crossed my mind to make it into cereal - until yesterday.

There was nothing to it.  I got out my L'EQUIP Nutrimill grain mill, set it on what I thought was the coarsest setting (I learned later it wasn't as coarse as I could have made it) and ground up some wheat berries left from a previous year.  I cooked it just like I would the store-bought brand.  It was delicious, just smoother than what I buy at the store.  Tomorrow I'm going to make it a little grittier. 
This is one more thing I can scratch off my grocery list.  James doesn't grow oats yet but I think he's going to this year and it would be cool to try this with oats too, and barley and ...........


  1. Karen, very exciting! I just have one thing to point out. The reason it took you a bit to figure out that you could be using your own wheat berries is that you're so busy doing everything else! I'm going to call you "whirlwind!" Love, Linda

  2. Wow, you're my hero!
    I do that kind of thing often, just don't realize how easy non-store-bought is.
    Hopefully my daughters will have the ability to think quickly.
    Going to grind cream of wheat now...