Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Storm power outages

So many people in our county are still without power from the storm last Friday night.  Think of that, no showers, no water for livestock, a dark house at 9 PM, no computers, swimming pools that are getting nasty, no air conditioning (and it's been in the upper 90s to 100 this week), traffic lights aren't working, gas stations are closed because their pumps aren't working, downed power lines have closed many roads and it take much longer to get somewhere, losing stuff in your freezer....................

Today some friends asked us if we had room in our freezer for their stuff.  They had a generator but it died and their frozen stash was at risk.  This was a good excuse for me to make wine from frozen strawberries from years past to make room for their veggies.  Our farrier told me yesterday she had already lost everything in her freezer.  She even had bread dough rising in there.  It would be so upsetting to lose all the food you worked so hard to put away.  We have 2 freezers full of food.

Fire departments are delivering water to farms for their livestock.  I would have hated to have to haul water from the river or creek to our animals a few times a day but at least we have water surrounding us.  I've had a few calls from friends asking if we were ok and if we needed help.  We really are lucky.  I'll take the tree damage we had any day over loss of power for this long.  I would have lost what fish I had left in my aquaponics garden.  I replaced some tile in our kitchen sink and we can't use it for 72 hours.  This drives me crazy and I can't imagine how frustrated I'd be if I couldn't use any of our sinks. 

I'm cooking soup for dinner tonight with veggies I discovered in our freezer today while making room.  We had a brief rain storm which cooled things off enough to eat soup.  We haven't had a nice rain in awhile so James and I went out on the front porch to watch and smell it. 

I'm feeling very content tonight but I wonder how cranky I'd be by now if we were without power for 4 days.


  1. I am very glad to hear that your family and animals are doing okay, Karen.

  2. You are so lucky. I talked to my friend Jodie and theirs just came back on. She time me they had been bathing in the creek! I have to admit that a creek bath sounds pretty refreshing after all this heat. Another friend who lives in a busy neighborhood close to town is still without power and water. She has a special needs son that is unable to leave his bed. Fortunately they have a generator to keep his room cool and able to run the well occasionally.Otherwise they would have to take him to the hospital. I feel so bad for them. I hope everything gets restored quickly. What kind of soup did you make?!
    P.S. Sorry about leaving such a long comment! ;)