Friday, July 13, 2012

If only pigs could stay little

I know there are micro and teacup pigs but they really don't seem to stay as cute as a piglet.  Our 9 piglets have gotten very active and boy are they cute.  When I sit on the ground they crawl all over me.  It hurts and it tickles. 

Today we had to put up some electric netting because they were exploring so much more and walked right under the existing electric ribbon.  They sure are fast.

They've also discovered the mud pond.  I was afraid they'd fall in it and drown but they've figured out how to get in and out.  I don't have video of that yet but you can imagine how cute they are all covered in mud, can't you?

See, cute, right?


  1. Awww I love them! I wish they would have done that when we were there. Now go let Roxie sit on your lap.

  2. They're unbelievably cute!
    I want them, but I do NOT want to have them butchered!

  3. oh, oh, oh! I could watch them run around for hours. They are too stinkin' cute!

  4. I love the pic with the piggy laughing. I can hear him/her right through the internet. Gotta love piggies.