Sunday, February 14, 2010

A walk with my valentine

James and I don't usually do a whole lot to celebrate Valentine's Day.  I almost always make a heart-shaped cake.  I know it's corny but I have these heart-shaped cake pans and when else would I use them?  We wanted to go on a hike together but since there's so much snow in the woods we decided to stick to the roads.  We walk together just about every other day so we decided, to make it special we needed to go somewhere new.  We drove 3 1/2 miles and parked the car and walked.   I wish I had taken a camera because the icicles and snow along the roads had formed all kinds of sculptures.  One small icicle looked like a man climbing a rope.  Some dirty snow that had been plowed to the side of the road looked like a lizard.  It was like looking at the clouds and using my imagination.  I know, my blog would have been much more interesting if I'd taken pictures of these sculptures.  Instead you get to see my unimaginative cake.
As I was typing this a mosquito bit me on the eyebrow.  Does this mean warm weather is coming?