Monday, February 24, 2020

End of February happenings

I know, most of you thought I'd given up on my blog (if anyone is reading this anyway).

This afternoon I spent an hour or so hanging around with everyone. I think 3 out of the 5 goats are pregnant, thanks to borrowing a little fainting goat buck from a friend of mine. I never saw him mount any of the girls, so I have no idea what their due dates are. I just have to watch and wait. I'm looking forward to having babies on the farm again. It appears my 2 oldest girls, Luti and Pessa, are not bred, which I'm glad about. At 10 to 12 years old, it's time for them to retire and enjoy their senior years. Two of the girls who are bred are first timers. The other is a seasoned mom and milker.
Notice there's still green grass for them to graze on. They really haven't needed too much hay this winter because of the mild temperatures.
There's way more green grass on the pigs' side of the pasture. They're staying nice and round and happy and need no hay. Are they super cute or what? I'm hoping my bigger girl in the background, Junebug, is bred, but I really can't tell.

Rex and Mayday are always busy keeping anything threatening away, even cars that drive down the road. They take time to play though. I do love these dogs.
I moved Willo, Rory and Raisa over to the pigs' side today because there's so much green grass on that side, and Raisa and Rory were waiting by the gate, asking to go over.

I'm thinking I might like to breed Rory soon. She's now old enough and we'll let Raisa retire. I'll artificially inseminate her though. I can touch Rory anywhere so it should be easy to train her to be a milker.

So that's about all that's going on with the critters. Baby pictures to come.


  1. Fainting goat? Hmmm...any idea when the girls are due? It would be fun to be there for that since we've never seen the births.

  2. Of course I'm still reading your blog!!! I love it!