Sunday, March 26, 2017


About 2 months ago I attempted to paint James' portrait.  I messed with it for a week or 2 but couldn't get his mouth right, among lots of other things.  I put it away and figured I'd look at it again one day when I got better.  I got it out yesterday after another failed attempt at his portrait.  Well,
I finally finished it.  I think I got the mouth pretty close.  What do you think?
I couldn't decide whether to title this blog Jamester or Poochrait.  I should mention, neither James nor Baxter were offended by this painting.  I asked James' permission to use this in my blog.


  1. Wow!! Only 2 months and you are this good. I'm amazed at how good your perspective is--I guess that's what you call it when a picture has depth dimension. And I gotta tell you. I think James' eyes are fantastic--they really look like James' eyes to me. Keep it up, Lady. Maybe soon James can retire and be a kept man while you sell your art work. Hugs, Marcia aka: Uma (to Evie)

  2. Incredible! Your talents are endless!

  3. Incredible! Your talents are endless!

  4. Terrific!!! You are a great artist!!