Sunday, January 4, 2015

Filthy friends

To look at our great pyrenees, Keri, you'd think she's a real sweetie, a friend and protector of human and animal,  and sometimes very silly.  BUT, she has a very serious side too.  Anyone who knows great pyrenees knows how protective they are of their flock.  Flock being anyone who lives on her property; cow, goat, donkey, chicken, pig, dog, human, etc.  I've done lots of reading about the breed and I think I understand them pretty well now.  They can be sound asleep one minute and then ready for attack in a second if something is a threat to their family.  I couldn't ask for a more loyal and helpful dog than Keri.

That being said, poor Rex had to earn his place on the farm.  Keri had to be sure he posed no threat to her flock.  It took her about a week to back off and be more patient with him.  She laid him flat many times.  She never hurt him but she made it very clear with her growls and posture that she was in charge and he needed to learn the farm protocol.  He has learned and I'm pleased to say they've become great buddies as evidenced by this video.  It's been wet here lately so they're filthy.

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