Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Billy in a bind

This is Cooper cooped up under the chicken coop. 
I knew he was stuck when he didn't come out to eat with the others.  He was shivering a little too but I don't know what that was about.  At 11:00 he was still there so I asked James to help get him out.  He just couldn't get over that 4 inch board so James had to dig the dirt from the front of it to remove the screws so the board could come off. 

Cooper crawled out very easily after that.  We left the board off.  I saw him under there a short while later chasing Tila who is in heat.  He's a doofus.  A sweet but stinky doofus.

Mac, James and I went on our first trail ride on Sunday.  I didn't want to go alone so James went with me.  I rode out and James rode him back.  Mac picked up the pace a lot on the way back so James got a faster ride.  I was pleased with how well he did.  I won't ride in the woods any day but Sunday now because it's hunting season. 

About a month ago Adam took a ride too but not on Mac.

 His ride was also pretty fast.  This picture makes me laugh.  I love the way Adam has his arm out like he's riding a bucking bronco.


  1. I like "Cooper cooped up in the coop."

  2. Funny picture of Adam! Was he on for the record setting 8 seconds? Hope we are able to get together next week.

  3. Poor Cooper he looked so forlorn. We raise pigs also, and I am really surprised that my husband has not tried to ride one yet. Go Adam!

  4. Glad Cooper is free... perhaps it was a passive form of protest in solidarity with his missing comrade, Jimmy? Who is, by the way, doing very well. His head butting wounds are healed and he seems pretty relaxed. I think Sprite is truly in love; she stays with him and nuzzles his beard. Pretty sweet.

    I miss Mac (and you guys too!)... We have to figure out when we're coming your way next., should be in the next few weeks I suspect.