Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Nest

My broody hen decided to leave her nest for another one right beside it.  That was disappointing.  Maybe I shouldn't have put that duck egg under her.  I have two coops for my chickens, one they sleep in (and just started laying in) and one they eat and lay eggs in.  Miss Broody was in the the one with the dining room.  I decided to move her to a place where she won't be disturbed by the others, just me.  She's in the turkey shed which is still missing 2 solid walls.  I hung some fabric so it would be a little darker in there and fixed up a small animal crate for her.  I carried her and her eggs from her nest, which she wasn't real happy about.  I closed the cage on her at first because she didn't want to be in there.  Within 2 minutes she laid down and I opened the cage again.  Four hours later she's still in there.

So now the new hatch date is May 5th unless she changes her mind and doesn't want to be a mom afterall.

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