Friday, May 22, 2009

Youtube - too much fun

I can waste all kinds of time watching videos on youtube. I always thought that videos on there were put there because people made videos intending to put them on youtube for a reason so I wondered why there were so many lame movies on there. Well now I know why. To post a video on my blog I have to download it on the internet to add as a link. The easiest way to do that is to put it on youtube, lame or not. So today I added 2 more videos to my blog, one of the chickens and another one of the goats on their daily stroll. This time I added music. Youtube provides you with a whole menu of music you can add to your video but it takes forever to find something that suits what you've filmed. After listening to way too many tracks I just picked two. One day I'll be more creative. As you can see I have lots of free time to do this very important work.

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