Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Worry warts

Where did that expression come from anyway, worry wart? Is that even how you spell it? Well, whatever, I am one. I come by it naturally though. My mom and sisters are worry warts too. I even think my grandmother was.

What do I worry about? Oh, all kinds of things that aren't important and just a few that are. Since I got my buck, Witty, he's had diarrhea most of that 2 and a 1/2 weeks. The second or third day he was here he ate all the chicken feed and had terrible poops. It got a little better but then came back with a vengeance. Finally I took a fecal sample to the vet to find out he had worms, which is what I suspected. Because I suspected it of course I did all kinds of searches on the internet and read about goats and scours. Turns out they can die very quickly if the parasite problem gets out of hand. To make a long story a little shorter, I worried he was going to die and would get up in the mornings and look out in their fence and when I'd see his little white face, usually grazing somewhere, I'd breathe a sigh of relief. I've been deworming him for the past 3 days so hopefully he'll be better soon.

Being a mother, I spend LOTS of time worrying about my child. I can't even begin to tell you all the things I worry about when it comes to him. I'd be embarassed to type most of it on this blog. Once again, most of it is unwarranted and a waste of energy. The funny thing is, a friend of mine has a son the same age as Adam and when she tells me things she worries about I can't figure out why she frets so about them. I'm sure it's the same with her and my worries. It always looks different from someone else's point of view, I guess.

I'm not alone in this house when it comes to worrying. James comes in a close second, though I doubt he'd admit that. Recently he had his cholesterol checked. It went up since last time he had blood work done. He says he's no longer eating red meat and he turned down ice cream a few nights ago. It's really bothering him. Thank goodness my cholesterol is in good shape. One less thing to worry about.

James and I walk 6 laps around our field (4 miles) several days a week. Usually we do lots of talking. A few days ago on our first lap we saw 2 crows eating the corn out of the garden that James had spent many hours preparing and planting. He was pretty upset about it and worried they'd eat all he'd planted. We walked the next few laps sharing very few words, he worrying about the corn and me about Witty dying. What a pair we are.

We both read a book last year by Eckhart Tolley, A New Earth. Great book. It's a shame I haven't learned to take what he wrote and apply it. He talks about "living in the now" and not worrying about what's happened in the past or what might happen in the future. It makes so much sense. Maybe I should read it again.

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