Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thoughtful Appalachian Thru Hikers

Last year my women's hiking group met a young guy, Jon Schwenk, aka Don Juan, on the AT. We shared some of our lunches with him and asked how his thru hike (hiking the Appalachian Trail from GA to Maine) was going. We were a gabby group and he probably was being very patient answering all our questions. That's the price he had to pay for free food. I gave him my phone number and told him he could come stay with us if he wanted a soft bed and shower. He called that night and hitched a ride here. To make a long story short, he turned out to be a great guy and 5 months later came to stay with our pets and house sit while we were in Italy.

This past April Jon told us a friend of his was hiking the AT and might be calling us to stay here. Cody, aka C-zur, called 2 days later and brought along another hiker, Dustin, aka Myko. Again, really nice guys. They stayed 2 nights at the cabin, did their laundry, ate lots of food and caught up on the internet. Today I read C-Zur's blog and this is what he wrote about us.


PS I'm dreaming of your pizzas Karen and James...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

April 19

Pannabecker's Cabin 0 miles

I got probably the best night's rest (that I've had since my own bed) last night. The Pannabeckers are 2 of the kindest, most giving people I've ever met. It is going to be very hard to leave this place tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to come back and visit for longer though. We had a nice lazy day today, however I did help James with his garden some this was nice to do some physical labor that wasn't hiking (don't get any ideas Dad!) I found a fellow thru-hiker's wallet and phone a few days ago and today he and his parents drove down from Waynesboro to pick them up...his Dad brought me a six-pack, cookies, and oranges for a reward (Crazy Awesome!). Glad to hlep you out, Splinter. Well I'm off to have another wonderful night's sleep. Thank you, James and Karen, for all of your wonderful hospitality...I hope to see you again when I have more time to hang out.


April 18

PANNABECKERS!!! 14.4 miles

James picked me and Myco up at the Foot Bridge @ 3:00...took us back to his house and his wife Karen gave us all sorts of junkfood. Then he took us kayaking for a couple hours and we had freshly baked pizza when we got back. Sweetness! These are hands down the nicest (I can't think of a better adjective to describe them.) people I've met. I don't think this can be topped. These people are the Houdinis of Trail Magic! We are staying in a cabin they own near their house and it just made the stay here even better. There aren't even words to describe how great this is...Zero day tomorrow!


Reading stuff like this makes me feel good about helping out young people. I wonder if anyone will call next year.

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