Saturday, May 23, 2009

Front Porch Sittin'

We've had front porches before but we didn't use them as much as we do at this house. Yesterday a neighbor stopped by while James was sitting on the porch with his laptop in his lap. He came by to return some tiny pots that James gave him vegetable plants in. I joined the 2 of them after finishing up what I was doing. I love that neighbors stop by to visit us here and I love sitting on our front porch. Another friend had stopped by earlier in the day on his motorcycle because he was in the area.

Oooh, I just got creeped out. I stopped writing this post to go feed the goats and chickens because I could see the chickens were growing impatient. When I went back to the barn to put stuff away I saw a small patterned snake with it's little head coming out the crack below the door hinge. I looked at it's back to see if I could tell what kind of snake it was. I then went to the outside of the door to see it's head. It looked very triangular to me so I quickly decided it was a young copperhead and just as quickly closed the door so it's neck (if a snake has a neck) got squeezed in the tight crack of the door. I'm sure it's dead by now and if you go out to my garage you'll see just a tiny head sticking out the front. Gives me the chills just thinking about it. I hope I didn't kill a harmless snake but if it is a copperhead I don't feel too bad about it.

James and I went to an auction yesterday and spent a big $1.05 on some bushel baskets and a few bent up thin wooden crates, all stuff for our veggies this year. It was fun. This auction is 2 days long, yesterday and Monday. Yesterday was all outside stuff, tools and such. Monday is the household items, 2 outbuildings and a pickup truck. I'd love one of the outbuildings but I don't know how we'd move it and we're also hoping we can get the truck cheap since ours is now kaput. They also have milk cans and a butter churn that might be kind of fun to have too. So that's how we'll spend our Memorial day, at an auction. Today we're going on the river with some friends and then to some other friends for dinner. It's turning out to be a really nice weekend.

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