Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Selling real estate

Our tenants moved out of a rental we own so we've decided to sell it.  It's just 4 miles from our house but it's back in the woods.  It borders the Jefferson National Forest and shares the lane with our cabin.  It was built in the 1800's and was originally a log home, possibly a one room building that was added on to a few times.  We think it's cute.  One log wall still remains in the kitchen.
The tenants did a good job of maintaining it but still it needs some work.  It's looking a little tired.  The outside needs pressure washing, as does the side deck.  The front deck needed to be replaced so today I spent my afternoon demolishing it.  It was rotting so I thought it would be easy to rip apart.  It wasn't.  It took so long to remove just 3 boards so I decided my circular saw would make faster work of it. 
Now I'm trying to decide what would be easiest, building a new deck or putting in a sidewalk and landscaping.  It looks pretty plain on this side of the house.  Underneath the deck looks to be the remains of an old brick patio.

The back side of the house looks more like it should be the front.  It has a sun porch that runs the length of the house.

I'd love to have it ready to sell in a few weeks.  If anyone in Rockbridge County knows of anyone looking for a quaint 2 bedroom house, send them our way.

I enjoyed my time there this afternoon.  I forgot how quiet it is.


  1. What a lovely home! I'm jealous of the sun porch. We have a deck that I would at least like to 'roof over.' Dreams...

  2. Noooooooooooooo! That was my dream! I was hoping it would still be there when Bob finally decided to retire! I dreamed of chickens and flowers and, yes, a goat or two!

  3. You can't sell it. thats my house!