Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Give a dog a bone

Every now and then I buy the dogs bones, something chewy that will keep them busy for awhile.  Rosie and Lex work on them till they're gone but sometimes one of them will save it so he or she can tease the other when his or hers is gone. 

Keri treats the treat differently. 

I've probably given her 3 or 4 bones and they disappear very quickly so I knew she couldn't be eating them.  Today I watched her out the window to see what she does with them.  First she carried it under the butterfly bush, walked in a circle, then found her way to the flower bed and buried it.  In the video she's covering it up, nosing the dirt back in the hole.  Later I walked out to the butterfly bush to see if I could find any other bones since she seemed to be interested in it earlier.  I found an egg and I'm pretty sure it's the one I gave her last night before I left her for the night because she didn't eat it right away.  Rosie and Lex would never do that. 

I've read that dogs who bury bones may also bury their master's things.  I wonder if we're missing anything.

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