Sunday, September 11, 2011

Better than a Barbie doll

My sisters and I had a Barbie, and then there were her friends Midge and Skipper too.  I do remember having fun playing with them though I don't think we were crazy about dolls like some kids are.  We didn't have a bunch of fancy clothes but it was still fun to put those tiny plastic shoes on their feet which were always pointed like they were ready to be fitted for high heels. 

Today I played dress up with a much larger friend, Wilson.  It was so much more fun than a Barbie.  Yesterday I got up at 4:30 AM so I could milk the goats before going to a parasite workshop at VA Tech Vet school.  On the way home Susan and I stopped at Mike's farm which is worth a blog entry in itself.  Mike bought Shamus and Elton from me this year.  They looked so happy there.  So anyway, remember the yellow horse cart I posted a picture of in my blog?  I bought it, along with a harness to fasten a donkey to.  Mike was nice enough to put a harness on his miniature horse, all the time explaining how to do it.  It looked very confusing.  He hooked a cart to the horse and the two of us took a ride.  I wish I had a camera so Susan could have videoed us.  On the way back to the house he handed me the reins.  What fun.  It was hard for me to find the right tension on the reins to keep him from either going too fast or too slow.  I'm going to love this, I know.

Even though Wilson is too young to pull a cart I still want to train him so he's ready when the time comes.  I was wondering if I was rushing things by trying to put the harness on him today but I couldn't resist.  When he saw me with the harness he came running.  He loves our training sessions with the halter and lead.  I placed the harness on his back and I don't think he even flinched.  I spent a lot of time fastening and unfastening buckles to adjust the fit and he just stood there.  I didn't have him haltered or tied to anything.  He just stood there enjoying the attention.  I couldn't believe it. 
The bridle is a bit too small but I'm going to find a way to adapt it to fit him.  He's never worn a bridle so I was so surprised he took the bit in his mouth like he'd been doing it forever.  Can you tell I'm excited about this?  Chy is old enough to pull a cart but I'm not sure she's ready for all of this.  She's still hesitant on a lead and not nearly as eager to accept change.  Maybe once she sees Wilson cooperating she'll relax and let me hook her up.  I would love to have two dolls to dress.  Maybe they could pull a two donkey cart.


  1. I am so proud of Wilson!! He looks so grown up with all his tack on. It looks like all the training is paying off with him and Chy. Way to go Karen! I know how much you have accomplished with these two and that is DEFINITELY something to be excited about! :)

  2. Looking no time you'll be driving...Mike

  3. Just don't try to put shoes on them. I am SO excited for you and proud of you for all your patience and accomplishments.

  4. Wilson is soooo cute! And he looks like such a trooper learning to wear the harness. I'm so excited for you about the yellow horse cart!

  5. Putting your cart before your donkey. LOL