Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cattle panel gates

Today the subject of cattle panels (fencing) came up on one of my goat forums.  Most everyone that uses them is a fan of them.  I mentioned that I use them for gates and thought I'd pass this along to anyone who has never used them this way.  I don't really like building gates or buying them.  They're expensive.  A cheap answer to building or buying gates is to use a cattle panel.  First I cut them to the length I need by using my grinder with the cutting wheel.  This goes very quickly.  It takes longer to put the cutting wheel on my grinder than it does to cut the panel.  Next I nail the gate to a wooden post or barn using those horseshoe shaped nails I use for nailing fencing to wooden posts.  Don't nail them in all the way so the gate swings freely.
I overlap the gate with the existing fence and use carabiners or other spring latches to hold it closed.  It doesn't get much simpler than this.


  1. We've got to give this a try; thanks for posting! Phyllis

  2. That is just awesome and exactly what I've been trying to figure out. Thank you so very much for posting!

  3. I use the hog panels with 4x4 squares, still 4 x 16. I'm using them as lattice inserted into wood and galvanized tin fencing. When I lived in San Antonio, Gardenwille used to sell tomato cages very similar to yours, except the edge squares were cut in half and rounded into a circle and each panels circles were brought together with a 18 guage wire going down the center of the side circles to hold together.cattle panels I bought for of them and have had them for years and are still in great shape. They fold into one piece for storage.

  4. I would like to incorporate a cattle panels arch into my vegetable garden. I am just afraid it would create too much shade

    for the surrounding plants. There are lots of things you can do with cattle panel if you are creative