Friday, September 9, 2011

Draft horses

Now don't go shaking your head.  I didn't buy a draft horse.  I bought a whole team of them.  Just kidding.  I went to a draft horse demonstration today at the VA Horse Center.  Those horses are amazing and very intimidating to this non-horse person.  I was in the barn looking at horses and a man let two of his out to get them some water.  Their rumps were about 8 feet from me and, I'm not exaggerating, my heart began to race.   I knew all it would take was one small kick from them and I was a goner.  Their feet are the size of our dinner plates but much more massive.  I watched 2 men harnessing their horses to get ready for dragging logs.  He said they do this every day of the week.

I rode a horse drawn wagon to the grass cutting and plowing demonstrations.  We were followed by the horses pulling the work equipment.  It was an awesome view.
I'm not sure how experienced these guys were at using the equipment they used to cut the grass and plow the field because they sure were slow going and made it look harder than I expected.   I talked to and old woman who said her husband could have plowed the whole field in the time it took these guys to do 2 rows.  They were very disappointed in the display. 

All in all, I thought it was very interesting and I loved seeing those giant animals but I still don't want one.  I want a mammoth donkey.

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