Sunday, September 4, 2011

Burrata: take two, Envy and Updates

I guess it's been more than a week since I've blogged and I don't quite know where to begin so I'll begin with today.  This morning 3 women and one young man came over to milk the goats and attempt making a better burrata cheese than the last time we tried.   I didn't mention the last time because, let's face it, no one wants to blog about failures.  The last burrata wasn't what we hoped and all I can chalk it up to was using city water instead of well water that has no chlorine.  Failure or success, both attempts were a lot of fun.  Maybe failures are a good thing.  It gave us an excuse to get together and try again.  This time was much more successful and I learned a few things also.  Instead of stuffing the mozzarella with tiny pieces of mozzarella and cream we stuffed it with whole milk riccotta with added cream.  Oh yes, this was much better and I will do it again.  We all fixed our plates with our masterpieces of burrata, proscuitto, basil, tomatoes, pears, olive oil and balsamic vinegar washed down with some homemade wineberry wine.
The young couple, Holly and Sam, are in their early 20's and are embarking on an adventure which I wish I would have done when I was their age.  They showed up before cheesemaking today to help milk goats because in less than a month they're driving across the country to work on a dairy goat farm in Washington state.  They're taking a month to get there and plan to camp and explore along the way.  They've commited to working on the farm for 3 months but may stay a year or move on to another farm.  They found this opportunity through WWOOF, world wide opportunities on organic farms.  I've heard of WWOOF a few times in the past month.  It must be coming very popular.  I wonder, if we had the internet when I was their age, if I would have taken advantage of something like this.

Some other friends I'm a bit envious of right now are heading to Italy for 4 months the day after tomorrow.  Ok, I'm more than just a bit envious.  Yes, I love being here and have become a real homebody but I still have that desire to travel.  If only I could take the farm with me.  While they're gone we're kid-sitting for Fiona, a cute little nubian doeling.  They don't want her to be bred along with their adult goats since she's too young so we'll keep her here separated from boys.  In Italy they're spending a month at a goat farm and creamery.  They'll help with the milking chores and learn to make cheese (the right way).  I'm sure their teacher is more experienced than the writer of this blog.  They found the farm they're working at on the website  You get free accomodations in exchange for your work.
Here's Fiona, their little doeling we're sitting for.
I spoke to my sister today and she told me I left you hanging about the skunk.  The skunk hasn't returned, thank goodness. 

What else?  Keri, our puppy is growing like a weed, as are the pigs.  Cooper, our buck who was limping like crazy and looking very pitiful is doing real well since I started treating him with teasel root (an herb often used in treating lyme disease) and solomon's seal (used for treating arthritis and achy joints). 

It's been a busy summer but a really good one.  I can't believe it's September. 


  1. What wonderful opportunities your friends are seizing! I have to admit that even when I was younger I still wouldn't have been adventurous enough to go off like that. I like my adventures in measured doses, easily escaped from. Yeah.

    How wonderful that your goat is responding to your ministrations! How did you calculate the dosages?

  2. About the dosages, I didn't calculate them myself. The woman I got the herbs from made recommendations. Since I have no idea about these things I just took her word. She's much more experienced in homeopathic remedies.

  3. Karen,
    I had a great time at your farm this past Sunday! Getting the opportunity to milk a goat before arriving at the farm in Washington was truly a godsend - I thank you. Though I did not try the burrata from the first attempt, I nonetheless agree that the ricotta filled buratta was supreme. The wineberry wine went perfect with the prosciutto, basil, and balsamic vinegar topped mozzarella. All in all it was a truly fantastic time! Oh! and please do tell James I say 'Hi' - I enjoyed talking with him in the gardens.

  4. Ohhhhhh, the food sounds fun and absolutely delicious! I love the picture - what a happy smile :) Fiona is adorable, and will be in good hands while her parents are traveling. It is funny how the world seems so much smaller today with all the technology that basically brings anything and everything right into our homes and lives. It's wonderful your friends have such awesome adventures waiting for them!