Thursday, May 13, 2010

Smart goats

All of my goats are sweet but some are definitely smarter than others.  Of the 12 I'd say Witty, my buck, is the smartest.  He always looks or comes when you call his name.  Others, you call their name 20 times and they have no idea you're talking to them.  I've been given some wooden spools that electrical wire comes on and the goats jump and play on them.  Witty has one that he turns over on its side, rolls it to the fence and stands it back upright so he can look over the fence.  I've seen him do this at least 5 or 6 times so it wasn't a coincidence.  He hasn't jumped over yet.  I don't know why.  I may have to remove the spool from his pen.

Every night I close the baby goats in 2 stalls so I can have their mom's milk in the morning.  After the first few nights of this they stopped complaining and even seem to like it.  At least I thought so.  One morning last week I went out to feed and milk and found one stall open and 4 babies loose, nursing and taking all my milk.  I figured I didn't close their latch quite right the night before.  That next night I was sure to do it right and make sure it was secure.  Next morning they were out again.  One of the moms must have figured out how to open it.  I can guess which two goats might have unlocked it because the other stall with 2 other babies never gets opened so I know it's not their moms.  Here's a picture of the latch.  You can see how you have to lift it up and slide it over to unlatch it.
I now have to put a little lock on it at night.  From the looks of the picture below it appears Pessa is already studying it so she can figure it out.
Last night before bed I went out and found 4 goats in my milking stall that I always keep closed so they don't make a mess of it.  I guess I need to start putting locks on all the stalls, especially the one with the food in it. 

When it comes to feeding time they seem pretty smart too.  Everyone knows where they get fed.  They run to their designated spots, even the babies, and wait impatiently for me to feed them.

Today I let the turkeys out of their small pen so they could run loose in their big barn.  They seemed really excited.  I've been told turkeys are not smart.  I feel like I need to check on them often to make sure they haven't killed themselves. 

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  1. Will you teach my sheep to eat in a designated spot or from a bowl with their name on it. I am very tired of them being so Piggy.