Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rest in peace, Marianne.

I buried Marianne yesterday behind the boxwoods that she liked to waddle under.  I find it strange that I could work processing chickens yesterday and then come home and cry while burying my pet duck.
Ducks have the sweetest faces and even in death Marianne looked serene. 

The other 3 ducks are still wandering around the yard.  My parents asked if I'd keep the animals separate now but I won't.  The ducks wouldn't be happy being locked up in a small pen.  I'll just have to have to keep my eye on Rosie and hope for the best.  That's part of farm life, I guess, the part I don't like.

This morning I let the ducks out of their pen and the dogs followed me over there like they always do, hoping for an egg.  The ducks came out of their pen and walked right past Rosie.  I don't  know if they're not very smart or if they've already forgotten that Rosie got their sister.  Rosie sure remembers though because when the ducks came near her she looked at me all guilty-like.  She ate her egg then came in the house.  One of them ate a chicken egg now that I don't get two duck eggs. 

A friend of mine got some Magpie ducklings this week and they're adorable.  I may have to get a few. Hopefully I'll get girls so my drakes have more than just one girl to share.  Magpies are relatives of the runner duck and walk somewhat upright also.  They're a little larger than a runner though and are dual purpose ducks (eggs and meat). 

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  1. I'm sorry about Marianne. I bet Rosie is, too.

    Kathy T.