Friday, May 28, 2010

It was too good to be true

I have good news and bad news.  I'm afraid the bad news is still making me sick and the good news might possibly be wishful thinking.

First the good news.  I walked down to the field to see if the mama deer came back to get her baby last night.  I couldn't find him anywhere but the grass and weeds are so long it's pretty hard to be sure he was really gone.  I didn't see any buzzards or flies flying around so I don't think he was dead.   I'm telling myself he's been moved and will live to see another day.

Now for the bad news.  Yesterday Rosie was very jealous while I was trying to feed the fawn.  She kept nudging my arm for attention.  I know she knew why I went to the field this morning.  I was sure she'd be happy to see I came back empty handed.  When I got back I discovered duck feathers on my front porch.  I was afraid a predator got one of my ducks.  I went out to the duck pen and saw Gilligan, Skipper and Ginger, standing there looking nervous.  Marianne was missing.  I walked back to the front porch, stood on the steps looking over the front yard to see if I could see any evidence of foul play.  I turned and went back in my front door.  There was Marianne in the middle of my hallway rug with Rosie and Lex looking down at her.  I thought she was dead.  I walked toward her and she got up and ran away, falling down my basement steps.  I picked her up and carried her back to be with her family.  Her back is raw and featherless.  I'm sure she's in pain and shock but she can still walk and flap her wings.  James held her while I sprayed an antiseptic on her so now her back is blue.  She's lying under her house.  I  hope she lives.  I'm furious with Rosie and of course she's getting the silent treatment from me.  She's walking around with her head and tail down but checks in with me every now and then to see if I'm still mad.  Usually the ducks and chickens walk right past the dogs and the dogs ignore them.  I really think Rosie was trying to get back at me. 

I'll keep you updated on Marianne. 


  1. I think you must have meant "fowl play" in this instance.
    I hope Marianne recovers. Lots of my chickens have been in that condition and pulled through to lay for ages.

  2. Do you know how lucky you are to see a just-born fawn? Some of us go whole life times (me) without seeing that! I'm not too impressed with the mama's mothering skills. Maybe she sees your place as a safe place. J