Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to the turkey barn

The guy from the sawmill finally called to tell me my lumber was ready.  The day the turkeys move out to their new barn can't come too soon for me.  They're getting so big and cramped in their quarters in our basement.  Today James and I put 5 of them in another pen so they'd have more room but they don't look very happy in there.

I got one wall (minus the sliding door) done on the barn this afternoon.  Tomorrow I'll go to Tractor Supply to buy the hardware for the 2 sliding doors.  I'm looking forward to building and installing them since I've never done that before.  The siding went very smoothly until Witty discovered where the fence wasn't attached to the barn.  He came to visit me and got into all my stuff.  For a short while he was wearing my camera bag around his neck.  He climbed on the lumber, into a wagon of wood scraps, on top a dog kennel which he fell off.  I had to hide my nails and any tool I thought he could carry off.  Eventually he found something I could let him have, poison ivy.  We have lots of it right around my saw horses so I was glad to see him nibbling it but was afraid he'd come lick me afterward.

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