Monday, May 24, 2010

A little at a time

Some jobs just seem too big to begin.  In some ways it seems like we just put a bunch of fence posts in and now it's time for more and it feels like a huge task.  This week I'll be putting my little bucklings and wethers in with Witty.  Witty's fence is a mess.  He rubs against and jumps up on it and it has stretched until it looks all wobbly and awful.  I put this fence up somewhat in a hurry when I was getting my first 2 goats so I used T posts and old fencing I had removed from our other property.  It wasn't pretty even when I first put it up but it has kept 3 goats in. I'm afraid when I separate these little guys from their moms they're going to do all they can to get out.  I won't have the fence done before they move but  I want to move them before Polly has her babies this weekend. 

This time I'm using treated timbers and new fencing which I will pull tighter and I will concrete the corner posts too.  I will get to the girl's fence eventually but the boys is most important right now.  Both of their fences open up into one big pasture which they takes turns grazing in.  I counted how many fence posts I have to dig holes for and came up with at least 52 (31 of them are for the boy's fence).  I told myself if I just dug a few a day it wouldn't be so bad.  Today I got 5 posts completely installed.  I was pleased how well it went.  Maybe in a week and a half or so I can get the boys fence completed.   I hope I don't lose steam by the time I get to the girls.

Witty seemed happy to have me nearby working.  He's been lonely since we sold Jake.  Soon he'll be wishing for solitude again.  It's going to be interesting to have 4 boys together (2 of them are neutered).  I hope introductions go well.  They see each other through the fence all the time but fighting for food and space may get a little tense.  Thank goodness none of the girls are in heat or we'd have real trouble.  
Ok, at least 5 more posts in the ground tomorrow.

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