Saturday, November 7, 2009

Natural born mothers

Some of us are more maternal than others.  I love being a mom but can't imagine having more than 1 or 2 children.  How do you find the time, energy and all the other stuff that you need to be a mom when you have more than 2?  I suppose God knows what he's doing when he gives more (or less) children to some, although I'm wondering what He was thinking when he gave Octomom  her last litter. I know I shouldn't have typed this.  Oh well, I'll pretend I'm Twittering and this is what came to mind.

The reason I brought this up really has nothing to do with humans at all.  It has to do with my goats.  I know that comes as a huge surprise to most of you.  Yes, I have goats on the brain.  It could be worse, no?

As I told you 2 posts ago, we sold Polly's twins and she was very upset about it.  That left us with one baby, Clifford, who belongs to Strawberry.  Or does he?  Today I think Polly adopted Clifford and Clifford adopted Polly.  He's been following her everywhere and she's letting him.  She's even letting him nurse.  Tonight I may have to milk all the does because I don't know how much milk Clifford is taking and from who.  Strawberry doesn't even seem to care that Polly is mothering her son.  I think if she was human she would be single with no children.   Not everyone was meant to be a mother.

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