Monday, November 23, 2009

"I like you because you're unusual"

That's what a woman told me Saturday night.  She's in her 70's I'd guess.  I told her I get that a lot.  That's not really true but I have been told other things that have similar implications.  I have to wonder what it was I did that night that made her think I'm unusual.  We'd met one other time several years ago and we only spent maybe 4 hours together at this party Saturday night so there had to be something I did.  Did she think anyone else there was unusual?  I took her comment as a compliment only because it was prefaced by, "I like you because".  She was an unusual woman herself.

A few years back my parents were visiting us.  They met another older friend of ours who was telling my folks how much she enjoys me.  My mom said, "she's our different one".  Was she saying I'm odd or just different from my sisters?  They too are very different from each other so that doesn't really make sense.   I don't remember being offended I just remember thinking it was a strange remark.  Sorry Mom.

Another time I was with some girlfriends and I told them when Adam was grown up and supporting himself maybe James and I would buy nice clothes for ourselves.  My one friend said, "no, Karen, don't do that.  That's what we love about you".  She loves that I dress like a slob?  That, I thought, was funny. 

I know from some of the things James says that he likes people thinking he's unusual and I really don't mind if people say that about me.  I just wonder what it is that people see.  I wish I could see myself from someone else's perspective.  Or do I?

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