Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My dogs surprised me and made me proud

Do these faces look like they could hurt anything?

We got chickens back in March.  Their fence and coop are on the other side of our dog's invisible fence.  We've seen what Rosie and Lex (our sweet boxers) can do to small, wild animals.  If you want to see evidence just go into our field to find yesterday's catch, a groundhog who didn't know better than to come out of its hole.  When we got the chickens we were sure the dogs would get one if they had the chance.  Well today they had the perfect opportunity.  Our chickens have been free ranging all over our yard and we've seen our dogs ignore them but we still didn't completely trust them.  Today though, the chickens were right near the house, far from their fence and way inside the dog's invisible fence.  I thought I'd test the dogs.  I let them out and they ran right into the circle of chickens.  The chickens scattered but didn't run far away.  Neither dog touched the chickens.  All they did was sniff where the chickens were rooting around to see what they were digging for.  I was shocked, to say the least.  I'm so proud and relieved.  Now we can get some Indian Runner ducks to keep the bugs out of our garden.

I'm editing this post to tell you Rosie almost got a chicken this weekend.  She got a mouthful of feathers but didn't hurt it.  I guess we still can't trust her:(

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