Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm a horrible farmer

Farmers are supposed to be tough aren't they?  They're supposed to raise animals to eat or make a profit, a business right?.  I know they're not supposed to cry when they sell their animals.  Well, that's what I did today, cried like a baby when Chaps and Telly left for their new home.  Hearing Polly (their mom) cry didn't help things at all.  I had to go inside so I couldn't hear her.  It's really silly because I'm thrilled to death with the family they're going to live with.  It's exactly what I wanted.  Ethan (the son) and Cheryl (the mom) seemed excited to take them home, just like I am when I get a new goat.  As I stood there stupidly crying Cheryl hugged me and invited me to deliver Clifford to their farm when he's old enough (about 3 more weeks) and I can see Telly and Chaps again.   Clifford was his charming self and won them over once again wanting to be held and bouncing around to entertain them.  Ethan wanted to take him home today.  The young lady in the photo is a family friend who seemed just as interested in the babies as Ethan and Cheryl.  Maybe her family would like some babies next Spring when Luti and Pessa kid.  Hopefully they won't have boys that we have to find homes for.

So now we'll have more milk.  That's what I wanted, right?  Right.  I'm feeling tougher already.

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  1. We love Clifford, Chaps and Polo. They are finally getting brave and starting to adventure more, however they are not loving all of this snow. Loved the Smile Box card, we are working on ours and hope to send it out in the next day or two. I try to send it as close to Christmas as possible. Trust me you are on the list.
    Happy Holidays hope to see you in the New Year!!