Sunday, March 21, 2010

Turkey barn, day 2

It was another beautiful day today so I was hoping to get the whole barn framed except for the rafters.  That didn't happen but it was still a very good building day.  First I realized I forgot to put one post in the center rear of the barn so I dug a hole and filled and tamped the post in with the dirt and clay  instead of setting it in concrete. 

So far I've been able to use all recycled lumber except for 2  4X4s and 4  2X4s.  I may have to buy more boards for the rafters and we'll have to order siding from the local sawmill like we used for the goat barn.  I'll need some 2X4s for purlins too.   It's supposed to rain tomorrow which kind of bums me out because I feel like I'm on a roll now.  Maybe I can order the roofing and pick it up tomorrow.

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