Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby pictures

Adam and Shamus.

Fresca - Luti's little girl

Shasta - Luti's little boy and Fresca's brother.

Dodger - Pessa's very big boy.  He must weigh 10 or 12 lbs.

Clarice - Pessa's girl and Dodger's sister.  See how Dodger has floppy ears and Clarice has airplane ears.

Shamus checking out Shasta.

Shasta and Fresca napping.

James and Dodger.

Today we disbudded Shasta because he was born with little horn buds.  So was Dodger but we're going to give him a few more days.  Shasta was a real trooper.  It made me wonder if I did a good job since he didn't cry much.  One down 4 to go.  Shamus is 10 days old and just getting his horn buds.


  1. Not only do I love the blog but your photography is extremely nice. I'm jealous.

  2. Now you can watch kids run and nap instead of checking goat butts. Congratulations on a fine kidding season.