Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shasta and Fresca

Shasta and Fresca were born around 8:45 this morning.  All in all it was a pretty easy birth.  "HA!" says Luti.  It looked easy anyway.  Luti hardly made any noise at all.  We expected only one baby because Luti wasn't very large and it was her first time.  We were cleaning and admiring Shasta, the boy, when I saw a foot sticking out of Luti.  Fresca, a girl (finally), slipped out very easily.  They're still pretty clumsy but they look like they should be running around like crazy because they're so big compared to any of the other goats that have been born here.  They're a mix of Alpine, Nubian and Saanen, all big goats.  I took a picture of Shamus next to Fresca to show you the difference.  Shamus is a week old and Fresca 1/2 a day old and Fresca is at least twice as big.  She probably weighs 3 times as much.

Believe it or not we don't drink much soda but I came up with the name Shasta first (like the daisy or the camper) and then James suggested Fresca and I loved that.

I'm not sure yet if Luti has taken to the nursing idea yet.  I may have to keep checking on them.  A few times now she wouldn't let them nurse and I had to hold her.

The link at the bottom is a video of Shasta and Fresca's first few steps.  The first 2 pictures are of Fresca and Shamus.