Friday, February 5, 2010

You might be a redneck if............

you build a snow plow out of an old wooden pallet and fence boards.  James and I took it for a trial run when there was only an inch or two of slush on the driveway to see if it would work.  Amazingly it did.   Take a close look at the thing that's sitting on top the pallet to add weight.  I bet you didn't guess it's a piece of granite that never made it to the cemetery.  No we didn't steal it.  My friend once brought me 3 broken tombstones but I hadn't found a use for them until yesterday.  I debated whether to put this video on here or not because you'll hear me yelling to James to do this or that.  Not so unusual really but I don't like other people to hear me doing it.  What you can't hear is him asking me questions from the truck.  We're both pretty pleased with how well it worked out.  When we reached the end of the driveway James drove it down the road to our field to turn around.  I was afraid the rope would break and the plow would be sitting in the middle of the road.  I also wondered what a cop might do if he saw us.  The picture above is us making it safely back home.


  1. Karen & James....OK first of all I love the sound effects...are the goats cheering James on as he plows the snow?? Secondly, can you drive up to MIchigan & plow our driveway? Miss you all.....Tom

  2. I love it! I think you should sell them. The stores are out of everything else. Better patent it first.

  3. Oh yeah, redneck, baby!
    We love your blog!
    Mollie, Becky, Laura, Katie, Danny

  4. Good old American ingenuity is not dead! I don't remember the driveway being so long. I guess when you are plowing it seems much much longer.