Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Noosie came home

Three and a half days ago my hen, Noosie, disappeared.  I assumed a fox got her because I saw tracks around the chicken coop.  Today around Noon I came home and Noosie greeted me in the driveway.  I have no idea where she's been all this time.  It took her quite a while till she decided she wanted to go back into the fence with the other chickens.  I wonder if she'll hang around now.


  1. I think that since Noosie was gone over Valentines Day that she must of been out looking for love. I remember when I was in college the big joke was asking the agriculture students how chickens do it. Actually I really wanted to know. On Valentine's day I was waiting for a train and a crowd had gathered around a couple of pidgeons who were kissing. It was the cutest thing. They would kiss and then rub necks and then kiss some more and then he bowed and then she bowed and then he bowed again and then they kissed again and then he jumped on top of her. At that point the crowd broke out in laughter and it kind of killed the mood for the pidgeon. But I'm guessing that's how chickens do it maybe minus the kissing maybe not.

  2. There's no kissing involved. It's more like rape most of the time. Mr. Rooster chases her then jumps on her back and holds onto the back of her neck with his beak. No romance or foreplay.