Friday, February 12, 2010


Yogi is my 13 year old African Grey Parrot who sits right behind me while I sit at my desk.  Most people who have met him have never heard him talk because he's shy around strangers.  He has a pretty big vocabulary and it's a shame he won't perform on command.  Today I set my camera on my desk pointed at him so you could hear what I hear.  It's an eight minute video and not terribly exciting but you'll get an idea of what it's like to sit at my computer.  In case you can't understand him some of the things he says on this video are "ya wanna go out?, gimme a kiss, do re mi fa soooooo, what color?  red, Yogi bird, sweet bird, see ya later" and all kinds of noises, squeaks, whistles, sneezes, coughs and sniffs.  I wish he would have said more.  He can count to 5, quack, meow, cluck, talk on the phone, call my son to dinner, scold the dogs and a few hundred other words or phrases.  He tends to repeat things again and again.  I've heard him say, "where are you?" at least 20 times in a row.   Sometimes it can be annoying and sometimes he can be very good company.  I don't know how well you'll hear it without speakers plugged into your computer.
If you want to see a very chatty African Grey watch Einstein on Youtube

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