Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How much to cook for dinner

Summertime always makes dinnertime interesting. Okay, not so interesting when it comes to the meal since we eat many of the same vegetables night after night, which you have to do when that's what's ripe in the garden at that time. The interesting thing about our summer dinners is we don't really know how many people will be here so I cook more generous portions assuming we can have them for leftovers if Adam and his friends aren't here.

Last night Adam got off work at 6:00. He has a friend staying here for a few days so I assumed Adam and his friend James would be here. He called and asked if Anne could also eat here because she was going to go kayaking with them after dinner. They work together. Of course that was fine. Just as we were sitting down Manley showed up. After politely turning me down at first he sat down and joined us anyway. We put our forks down and Derek showed up and finished off the leftovers. Tonight Robert showed up 45 minutes before dinner so there were 5 of us at the table. Derek arrived next, this time in plenty of time and didn't just have to eat leftovers. I'm not complaining. It makes for a very entertaining dinner.

In another month our table will seem empty when Adam is back at school. James and I will probably put some weight back on.

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