Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hope I didn't steer a kid wrong

I had a good giggle this morning. There was an email to me from Youtube telling me there was a comment on my How To Use A Two Man Auger video. The comment was, "thank you SOOOOO much. This will really help me tomorrow on my eagle scout project". Oh no, I didn't really mean for a kid to count on me to teach him how to use that machine that I only used once in my life. I didn't really think about why I gave it that title. I should have though because I use Youtube as a source for learning how to do many things. I hope his eagle scout project is a success. Tomorrow I may have another comment on that video of him cursing me or giving me tips on how it should be done.

Hmmm, what other helpful videos can I make? It might be more fun to make videos on how not to do something. I've had lots of practice with that.

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