Sunday, July 19, 2009

Building another chicken coop

I've posted some new pictures below of the new chicken coop I'm building. It's been another fun project. It's attached to the front of the barn. Some friends of ours took down an old fence and gave us the wood. It has nails in it and is twisted and split here and there but we're able to salvage a lot of it. I used it for the siding of the coop and the floor of the hayloft in the barn. It's really hard and I have to predrill most of the holes before I nail or screw.

As you can see in the pictures, the goats have been real big helpers, always wanting to see what I'm doing or they just want to get in my way. I'm beginning to think the goats will use it more than the chickens. I need to make the door smaller because the goats can even crawl through the 14 inch opening. It needs a roof yet too.

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