Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday James was armed and dangerous.

Friday afternoon I heard this strange whining noise. I'd make the noise but you wouldn't be able to hear it over my blog. I couldn't figure out what it was and it didn't sound like our dogs so I ignored it until I heard James yelling at the them. We have a peach tree in the orchard that was full of peaches, just about ripe. James was going to give them another day or 2 and then pick them. Well, a groundhog picked them first, every last one of them. Rosie and Lex must have spied him in the tree and Rosie was doing all kinds of acrobatic moves to try to get him down. She kept missing by just a hair, but in the process was knocking branches here and there. She couldn't contain her excitement. She had to have it. James and I discussed what to do. Already he's lost all his corn in the field to groundhogs and now the peaches. I told him to kill it. Sure it was cute but not so cute we're willing to let it eat all our produce that James worked so hard to grow. James went to the garage and got an axe. First swing, strike one. I think it was because he felt bad about it. The second swing he knocked it out of the tree and that's all it took. Rosie and Lex claimed it faster than a 16 year old boy drives. They carried it around for a while looking as proud as punch. I eventually threw it over the bank in the woods while they were eating their dinner of Beneful Dogfood. I'm thinking maybe we should start making our own dogfood, maybe eggs when we get them and, oh, I don't know, ground groundhog.

I kind of forgot about it but James felt bad. I'm pretty sure he got over it quickly though. Today he told me something ate some of the oats he planted in the garden across the road. I'm quite certain he wouldn't use an axe on a deer, though that could make a lot of dogfood if we'd share it with them.

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