Thursday, July 23, 2009

Armed (with information) and dangerous

Whenever I plan to build something, start something new, have a question about how to do something, don't understand something, hear about something interesting, etc., I do a search on the internet. We definitely get our moneys worth on our internet service.

Once again I've researched something to the point I have myself worried more than I probably should be. As you know, Polly is due to kid sometime soon. I've joined a goat forum and read it every day along with looking up anything I can find on goats and pregnancy. Like anything else, people more often tell about how things can go wrong instead of successful outcomes. I'm armed with more information about what to look for when a goat is getting ready to deliver, while she's delivering and afterwards. I never knew so many things could go wrong with a tiny goat in the first week (and more) of his life. I've never heard stories about puppy births gone bad. Maybe if I was waiting for my dog to deliver I wouldn't be saying that. I'd be researching puppy births and getting worked up about them I guess.

So, what I've learned is that when a goats ligaments on each side of the tail at the end of their spine disappear they will deliver within 12 hours. This morning I felt one and it was soft and wiggly. Tonight I couldn't find them at all. Should I be staying up with her tonight? Maybe I'll get up in the middle of the night and check on her. Nothing else looks like one of the telltale signs of a doe ready to go. No mucus hanging from her, she's not pawing the ground or lying down then standing up again and again, and her utter isn't full. But, she is more affectionate and she's licking me a lot and she's quieter than usual.

I see a sleepless night ahead of me. Who knows, could be a weeks worth of sleepless nights if none of these things I read are true for her.

I'm kind of hoping she delivers when it's light out and we can take some videos. We don't have electricity in the barn, just a lantern.

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