Thursday, April 7, 2016

Three bull road trip

We had an appointment to take our bull, Papa, to the butcher a month ago.  Unfortunately he was too smart, or at least wary, to walk into the trailer.  Three pigs and the 2 little bulls happily entered to get the food we were bribing Papa with.  We rescheduled for today, April 7th.  This gave us a month to prepare Papa for loading.  I began feeding the bulls in the trailer.  It only took Papa 2 or 3 days to become brave enough to walk all the way in.  Last night I had some anxiety, as I always do the day before butcher day.  What if we couldn't get him loaded?  How was this going to go?  James stayed out of sight this time just in case Papa was smart enough to recognize that it wasn't the normal routine.  We didn't have the truck hooked up to the trailer so as not to change things too much.

Fortunately he walked right up the ramp.  Unfortunately so did the 2 young bulls.  We didn't know any way to get the little guys out and keep Papa in.  We decided to take all three for a ride and deal with it when we got there.  Butcher Joe shook his head when we told him we had 2 other bulls in the trailer and we wanted them to stay.  Luckily for us it went just as we hoped.  Papa exited and Franklin and Lennon stayed while I bribed them with food.

After discussing cuts we turned around and headed home; about a 40 minute drive.  We let the boys back out at home and they did't seem to be bothered a bit by the ride.  They will walk right back in the trailer next time I ask them.  Little do they know they're making it too easy for us when their time comes.
Rudy's now living in the pasture with the goats, cows, donkey and dogs.  He's latched on to Keri and Rex now that he no longer has Baxter to  hang out with.  Surprisingly, this was a smooth transition.
We have more goat kids due this weekend.  Poor Pessa struggles to get around she's so heavy.  I hope she has them tomorrow so she can take a load off.
Today was a good day.

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