Monday, April 11, 2016

Black triplets for Pessa (and Cato)

It's pretty obvious who the dad of Pessa's kids is.  Pessa had triplet doelings yesterday.  That makes 7 girls and 0 boys born here so far this year.  All 3 of the girls are black and look very much like our buck, Cato.  They seem to be doing very well, as does Pessa.  She looks so much thinner.

For those of you who don't get to see babies be born very often you might get a kick out of this next picture.  Kids are supposed to come out in a diving position; front feet first, followed by the nose.  Pessa's first kid came out head first with her feet tucked back toward her tummy.   She walked around for a while with this head sticking out.  The baby would cough and Pessa would try to turn around to see what was behind her.  I gave just a little assistance and she came out pretty easily.  The other 2 were born in proper position and followed quickly.  Pessa has never had problems delivering kids.  She's built for the job.
I love this picture of 5 week old Lucy standing beside the black baby.  I need to come up with names soon.
I think our next kids are from Lily, who is due the 19th.  I wonder if she'll give me girls too.


  1. I think I'll call them Prudence, Pearl and Pippa

  2. Hahaha...good names and SO cute!

  3. Congratulations on the beautiful babies! I had one present with just the head this spring too. It wsa very odd to see that head wagging around.

  4. So beautiful Karen! I love the little black ones! I miss the mini board. I knew you would not disappoint if I visited your blog.