Thursday, April 14, 2016

Oh my gosh, the dust!!

The addition to our house began in late December.  That seems like a long time ago, in some ways.  We're adding a room for James' piano, along with a bedroom, bath, laundry, breakfast area and screened in porch.  I'm so looking forward to being serenaded again while I cook dinner.  Right now
James' Baldwin is at our cabin 4 miles up the road.  He doesn't play it nearly enough.  When he does play it I'm not there to hear.

This week some big things happened.  The builders began tearing out the brick wall between the addition and our existing house.  This is huge.  I might even be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The only thing blocking that light is ALL THE DUST!  Cutting brick is dirty work.  As you can see in the next 2 pictures they're removing the wall in layers.  They've got the addition side all cut and repaired and next they'll cut the brick and plaster on the dining room side.
 We love the cool beam over the doorway.  It matches some other cool reclaimed beams in this room which I thought I had pictures of but I don't.
There's plastic hung between the holes they're cutting but that doesn't stop dust from seeping all through the rest of the house.  The kitchen and dining room are the worst since that's where the doorways are being cut but even the living room and upstairs have a film on every surface.
 This is our dining room with the flooring stacked in it.  I rarely open the door to this space because I can't bear to see all the dust.
We had to remove artwork from the dining room so it wouldn't get ruined.  It's now hanging in our bedroom so our walls are pretty much covered.  It's giving us the opportunity to really look at one of my favorite pieces because it's hung just over our bathtub.  I may hate to return it to the dining room when all the dust settles.
The basement and den have boxes of light fixtures, faucets, sinks, fans, water heaters, etc. stacked in them.  Also, some of the contents of the kitchen and dining rooms have been moved to other rooms so everything feels cluttered and tight.
Our back patio always has saw horses, lumber, scaffolding and sawdust on it.
Last week our walls were plastered.  That was cool to watch.  They piled a giant mound of frosting on a table in the middle of the bedroom.  This was one process that didn't create as much dust as having joint compound sanded.  Of course there was dust from when they poured the plaster out of the bag but no sanding was involved.
Next time I blog about the addition it will be complete.  It may not be completely furnished but there will most likely be a piano in one of the photos :)  We're very ready for it all to be done.  


  1. How wonderful your house will be with the addition! We are glad that we are able to renovate our new house before we move.

  2. It is going to be so beautiful and functional . . . so just keep sweeping and dusting and in the end . . . perfection!!

  3. OMG!! You have been busy. This is a major project. I'm still waiting to get over to Lexington to see you. Can't believe I've been back almost a year and still haven't seen you. You'll probably have everything finished before I get to Lexington.

    I'm sorry I couldn't get over for that piece of cake. I suppose James ate it all by himself. Some year Lori, James and I will have to get together and celebrate. (I'm sure we'll let spouses attend).

    Always fun to see what you two are up to.

  4. Wow! What an undertaking. I know it will be grand and a grand showplace for the GRAND piano.