Sunday, April 10, 2016


People post videos on Facebook all the time of different species of adorable animals doing adorable things together.  These are probably my favorite videos.  They're right up there with Jimmy Fallon lip syncing.  Yesterday I saw a kitten and a piglet wearing a dress cuddling and taking a nap together.  It was about as cute as it gets.  I wish I could get videos of all the cute things my animals do together but I'd have to have my camera ready all the time and usually they stop doing such cuteness by the time I click record.

I did get a few shots of livestock doing things together yesterday.  They aren't as adorable as kitten-and-piglet-snuggling but they show how animals of different species are happy living side-by-side.  You can't get much closer than this.
Do you see Luti squeezed up to Raisa's right side?  I accidentally let Raisa in the milk stall before letting Luti out.  They both seemed nonplussed by the arrangement and shared food the whole time I was milking Raisa.  I thought Luti would want to get out (not that there was any space for her to squeeze out), or Raisa would get annoyed that Luti had her face in her food.  They didn't even fight over the food; just nibbled away happily.  I was so proud of them and told them so.
As I mentioned in my last post, Keri and Rex are now Rudy's constant companions.  Wherever they go he goes.  When I give Rudy his bottle Rex is nearby to lick the milk that runs down Rudy's face.
I've seen Rudy playing with goat kids a few times but not a lot.  He prefers to hang with the dogs.
If the dogs run off barking at what they think is an intruder Rudy follows, often maaa-ing as they bark.  Sometimes it seems he even mimics their head motions like he knows what they're looking at.  This video doesn't show it but I haven't been able to film that yet.  Adam got a really good video of Rudy keeping pace with Rex but I don't have a copy.

At the end of the video the bulls and pigs are coming to see if I have food for them.  It's a rare occasion to see them apart.  They sleep together, they browse together and they share the food I give them without shoving each other.

Today is Pessa's due date but I just looked out in the pasture and she's grazing so I may have to wait another day for babies.  We'll see.  Cuteness to come.

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  1. Since I'm not so passionate about animals I don't know . . . I think the FB stuff is not fun . . . but since your animals are real and I know them . . . yours is terrific and the real deal . . . nothing made up . . . so I salute you!!