Saturday, November 23, 2013

Unlikely companions

Moving the girl goats to the field made Cooper very happy.  Unfortunately, he was driving the girls crazy with his unwanted attentions.  Today I decided the girls needed a break and so did I.  I put him on the other side of the fence with the mammoth donkeys.  He and Willo have aways been buddies and I figured they'd both be happy with the arrangement.  I was right.  It was a happy reunion.  I stood and watched them for a long time because it fascinates me when different species bond.  You may find these videos boring but I thought maybe someone would enjoy watching as much as I do.

After a while they stopped and went out to graze side by side. 

Willo isn't this fond of all goats.  As a matter-of-fact I'm pretty sure she injured Jimmy a month ago.  He now walks crooked and limps.  I think Willo hurt his back and I'm guessing it's because Jimmy and Cooper were probably doing what boy goats do and Willo didn't approve.  I moved Jimmy and the younger boys to a new pasture once Cooper had moved to be with the girls and I became suspicious of Willo being abusive toward Jimmy. 

I like that Willo loves Cooper but I wish she wasn't so possessive of him.  If Jaz goes near while they're playing Willo kicks her away, as you'll see in on of the videos. 

Jimmy seems happy to have the girls' company but, unlike Cooper, leaves them alone.  It's a much more relaxed herd.

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