Saturday, November 9, 2013

The kindness of others

I think I blog about this at least once a year but I can't help it.  Yesterday I saw a Facebook status that said, "trust no one".  I keep thinking about that.  I can't imagine ever feeling that way and  hope I never have to.  How sad would that be?

I'm sure this happens all over the world but I see it here so often.  Many of our friends and neighbors invite total strangers - cyclists, hikers, etc.  -  into their homes for a meal or even offer them a bed for the night.  I don't mean just a few people we know, I mean a lot. 

Last night I emailed a woman I'd met just one time several years ago.  We're friends on Facebook but other than that we've never seen each other since meeting at a workshop that one day.  I don't think we've even corresponded in over a year.  I asked her a favor and she got back to me right away saying she'd do what she could to help me out.  She hardly knows me but responded so favorably I was really touched by her generosity. 

Yesterday my metal roofing was delivered, unfortunately there was a mistake in the order.   The deliveryman happened to be he owner of the company and didn't seem the least bit upset at either me or the receptionist who took my order.  He said he'd sell the roofing at a sale and he'd get me what I need next week.  I wasn't upset because we have to get the siding on before putting the roof up anyway. 

Once a friend of mine lost her car keys while we were hiking.  A week later she got a call saying someone had found them.  She had her YMCA pass card on the keychain and the person who had found them (who didn't even live around us) called his YMCA and they were able to track my friend down by the code on her card.  He didn't find the keys on the trail.  He found them hanging on a tree near the parking lot at the trail head, so someone else had found them and put them there.  

Some of these things surprise me but as time goes by I'm less and less surprised by the kindness of others.  People are basically good, I think, and want to help others.  I hope the person who wrote trust no one will have many really good experiences and change her mind.

p.s.  This is my 16th day in a row of blogging.  I was ready to quit yesterday because I felt like my life isn't iteresting enough to write about every day.  James told me to hang in there so I am.  My life may not always be interesting but the people and animals in my life are.


  1. Not interesting? You have one of the most interesting lives I've ever had the privilege of being a part of!!! My first impression ever of James was that he was an "adventure". He surely met his match in you!! You are as much an adventure, my sweet friend!!

  2. Judy, you are one of the kindest people I know.

  3. Your accounts of your life are funny, amazing, challenging, daunting, "make me feel like a slug", and more and more . . . keep it up!!! Anxious to see the barn. Raisa doing just fine. I saw the calf nursing a couple of days ago. Our only challenge will be getting the calf . . . who has been the most independent of any we have had . . . to the upper pasture once Raisa heads to her new home!! Or maybe we will just bring the others down . . . easier!! Stout will head to Canada in 10 days or so I think. My grandson asked me to count how many we still own . . . and the number is still too big!!!

  4. I've really enjoyed your daily blogs, Karen! I love reading about your life - it's so different from the norm, and one I think I would enjoy having at another time in my own. To us "city folk" your blog tells about a world unknown, and it's fun to see a glimpse into it. Keep it up!