Thursday, June 6, 2013

One of these things is not like the others

Remember this?

This song was going through my head as I looked at this picture.
I'll hum the song while you study it closely.............

There are a few reasons why the animal and human on the right are not like the others.   It's not just the long ears and furry body.  It's also the imposter riding him.  The women on the horses have been riding many many years.  I've had 4 riding lessons so far.  I'm really having a good time and my confidence has grown immensely. 

The others in the photo are my neighbors.  They were kind enough to invite me to ride with them a few days ago.  Mac was a trooper.  He didn't exert any more energy than was necessary but he was a gentleman and took good care of me.  The day before we led Mac and Willo to their property to see how they'd do away from our farm.  They were awesome on the way out and I was pleased to see Willo cross the road without hesitation.  The way back she was not well behaved at all.  She practically drug me the whole way back.  I could hardly hold on to her.  My riding instructor has given me some pointers how to work with her to correct this bad behavior going forward.  Willo and I have lots to work on but we've already made lots of progress.  I was amazed at how she behaved differently away from our house.   Learning and learning more.  All good stuff.

One day I'll post a video of me and Willo galloping into the sunset.  She will never have short ears and I will never be a professional rider but we might feel like we belong.

You're still humming that song, aren't you?


  1. I guess you're referring to the tights.

  2. Mom, loved that,me too.... Mike

  3. I'm going with...the girl in the middle? She's not wearing a helmet.