Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blue cheese fail

The cheese recipe book said blue cheese wasn't a beginner's cheese.  I should have taken that advice.  I've been making cheese for 4 years so I thought, maybe I'm not a beginner but an advanced beginner.  The give-away that it wasn't a successful cheese was the smell.  It smelled heavily of amonia.  Moldy smell can sometimes be good but amonia is never good. 

I scraped the orange mold off thinking that might get rid of the bad smell.
I cut it in half and smelled it.
COUGH!!!! COUGH!!   If that wasn't enough to deter me.....I had to taste it.  I'm still alive to tell about it but I can tell you it was not something I'd try 2 bites of.  Ok, yes, I tasted it twice just in case.  You never can be sure, you know.  It was terrible.

Maybe it wasn't a complete fail.  There was one someone who thought it was delicious.
Will I make it again?  Maybe in 4 more years.


  1. Bwahahaha! I'm very sorry that it didn't come out well, but wholeheartedly thank you for the laugh. :) As I started reading how it smelled bad, I thought, "she's sooo gonna taste it". And you didn't disappoint. :)


  2. When I was going to Italy and asked a friend what I should bring her back she said, "the stinkiest goat cheese I could find". Maybe she would have liked it.

  3. The inside is pretty! ;-)
    You have one gourmet pig.
    If I were a pig, that would be my dream-stinky blue cheese!