Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cleaning wheat is faster this year

James planted way more wheat this year than he has in the past.  While I was excited to have so much, I kept looking at it feeling just a bit overwhelmed when I thought about harvesting it.  Today I decided to jump right in.  I was afraid it might get too dry and drop to the ground if I waited too long.  I wish I could have recorded the sound of the wheat crackling in the garden; kind of like Rice Krispies with milk on them.   I don't know what causes it to make that noise but it's pretty neat.

In past years you may remember we put the cut wheat on a tarp and used our feet to thresh it.  I checked out Youtube to see how others did it and came across a much faster way than dancing on it.  It may sound like a big job to cut the wheat heads off with scissors like we do but it really doesn't take that long.  Of course I only did 2 small gardens today and have lots left to do but I'm not feeling so overwhelmed anymore.  This is just some of what's left to harvest.

I filled a trash can half full then took the weed eater to it till most of the seed heads were broken up.

Then I ran it through my hands in front of the fan and the berries would fall back into the trash can while the chaff blew away. 

I got about 22 lbs of wheat berries from 2 small gardens.  I probably have 5 times as much left to do.


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